We are residents that live in the neighborhood between St. Georges and Geitawi hospitals and are volunteering to take part in improving our community.

We hope that together we can make a difference. We want to live in a cleaner, greener, and happier neighborhood. We also want to take care of one of the unique public spaces in Beirut, the Jesuit Public Garden, and leave a legacy for the next generation.

We partnered with Assabil Association (public library located in the Jesuit Garden) and together we were awarded with a small fund to launch our initiative and start our activities. Our activities will be focused on what people in the community want to do and led by residents. Although most of the activities will be free, we plan to have a few revenue generating activities in order to be sustainable, like a regular market. Along with the fund, we are currently taking part in the Social Justice Incubation Program as part of SEE Change,* in order to broaden our networks and become sustainable.

*SEE Change is a funded by EUTF-MADAD for the support of social enterprise projects

We aim to grow not only in numbers of community members that would like to take part but also partner with local businesses and NGOs. We hope to rejuvenate the public spaces in the neighborhood, connect more with other residents and even spark economic growth for home-based and local businesses.

We collaborate with individuals, groups, and associations that want to improve the neighborhood and support the community. JGNG is open to anyone that wants to join and share in our mission regardless of gender, ethnicity, political affiliation, or religion. Hate speech and bullying is not tolerated.


The Jesuit Garden Neighborhood Gathering لقاء حيّ جنينة اليسوعية   (LIQAA) has come together because of our collective interest in our community. We wish to improve the lives of people and businesses in the neighborhood and take care of our public spaces, especially the Jesuit Public Garden, one of the few green spaces in Beirut. Here we hope the community can reconnect to nature, connect to each other and feel a sense of ownership over public spaces. 

  • Improve quality of life (health, happiness, and well-being) 
  • Foster eco-sustainability
  • Promote small local businesses
  • Preserve cultural heritage
  • Create a network of local initiatives 
  •  Re-own, protect, and preserve the different public spaces 
  • Leave a legacy for future generations

VALUES: Community, participatory, inclusivity, transparency, preservation, innovation, education, environmentally conscious


Annual Reports

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